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Strengthen Relationships While Achieving Higher Fundraising Goals

The user friendly donor management system of Fundraising 50 allows you to understand the impact your campaigns have on your mission. MSI mission of Software + Support = Success for clients, will support you as you use this user friendly reporting system. Your campaign effectiveness will increase and easily measure your progress against your goals at all times.


Fundraising 50 can help you:

  • Develop new donor prospects while increasing retention of current donors - Messaging can be developed to address special interests and giving preferences.
  • Identify and evaluate the most valuable donors to your organization - Track giving patterns and giving potential
  • Maximize your effectiveness - Make efficient use of your time with quick gift entry such as pledge payments and soft credits

Fundraising 50 is a fundraising management system that can help nonprofit organizations increase campaign effectiveness, easily measure campaign progress and deliver on your mission with ease.

Imagine viewing and managing all of your development programs in a single system. You can increase productivity of your staff by incorporating prospecting, donor cultivation and campaign-based fundraising with volunteer programs or other outreach efforts.

An easy-to-use donor management system for your organization:
  • improve donor retention and cultivate new donor prospects - engage your donors by tailoring messaging based on special interests and giving preferences
  • discover your maximum potential - streamline gift entry and capture gift information such as pledges, pledge payments, and soft credits
  • understand your most valuable donors - measure campaign success by tracking where donations were generated from and calculating cost per dollar raised
  • host events that drive donations - easy event planning and management tools make hosting events more manageable
  • integrate your entire organization - Abila Fundraising Online and Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ integrations are available to improve campaign tracking and organization-wide communication
  • move forward with technology - a cloud based option makes installation easy and provides you instant access to software upgrades

Fundraising 50 contains improved functionality and additional enhancements to the event module. We know that special events and campaigns are an important aspect of your ability to raise funds and attract new donors.

  • Find Your Non-constituent Guests
    • You can quickly find your non-constituent guests by running the Non-constituent Guest Query. Search by ID Number, Last Name and First Name.
    • By leaving all fields blank, you can pull up all your non-constituent guests.

  • Easily Convert Non-constituent Guests into Constituents
    • You can easily convert non-constituent guests into constituents by running the Non-constituent Query and selecting -Convert to Constituent.-

  • New Event Report! Custom Participant by Event
    • The new Event Report allows you to create a custom event participant report of selected event registrations.
    • You can include event, activity and participant information along with registration date, fees and fees paid, attendance as well as fields available from all other cards.

Fundraising 50™ - Product Brochure

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Fundraising 50™ - Product Demo

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Sample Reports

-Download FR50 Donation Transaction Log
-Download FR50 Event Report By Group
-Download FR50 Constituents By Attribute Name and address

System Requirements

(Please refer to the Community Brands site for the most current requirements)

-Download Fundraising 50™ Hardware Requirements

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