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Increase Time Efficiency to Focus on Your Goals

MIP Fund Accounting™ enables you to make better financial decisions; execute financial management with greater precision; and better track, report, and manage finances across your entire organization.


Accountability to your board and your supporters makes MIP Fund Accounting a valuable solution in achieving your mission. MSI Mission of Software + Support = Success for our clients will support your used of this configurable fund accounting solution which can change and grow with you through your most difficult of fund accounting, human capital management and payroll decisions.


MIP Fund Accounting can help you:

  • Remain organized - Transactions, budgets, and reports are provided in the way most appropriate for you
  • Provide accurate decision making information - What-if scenarios assist in tracking budget ongoing progress
  • Flexible connectivity - View key information and perform quick tasks as you work where ever you need to be with mobile app
  • Ready Reports - reduce stress in the audit process with standard and custom reports
Product Resources
-Download the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Planning Checklist
-Download Affordable Care Act (ACA) Planning
-Download the MIP Fund Accounting™ Affordable Care Act (ACA) HR Functionality
-Download the MIP Fund Accounting™ Affordable Care Act (ACA) Process Checklist
-Download the MIP Fund Accounting™ brochure
-Download the Signs Your Organization has Outgrown QuickBooks
-Download the MIP Fund Accounting™ brochure for small organizations
-Download the MIP Fund Accounting™ brochure for large organizations
System Requirements

(Please refer to the Community Brands site for the most current requirements)

-Download MIP Fund Accounting Hardware Requirements

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