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Home / MIP Cloud™ and MIP Fund Accounting ™ is made to help the Healthcare Industry grow and focus on their GOALS with an Easy To Use accounting system made for the HealthCare Industry.

Management Software Innovations understands that the healthcare industry is one of the world's largest and fastest-growing industries. Consuming over 10 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) of most developed nations, health care can form an enormous part of a country's economy. We are here to help Improve Your Fund Accounting While Measuring Your Actions and Successes


To optimize the success of your company, MSI specializes in a Fund Accounting solution as well as many more solutions that will assist you in improving your reporting, help growth by combining development, contact and financial data. MSI Mission of Software + Support = Success for clients, is focused on assisting you with efficient reporting and trend analysis to help you focus on organization goals.


Management Software Innovations offers MIP Cloud™ was well as many other solutions that will help you succeed! Some of the benefits we can offer and Help you implement are to:

  • Maximize your reporting Needs - MSI is able to cater to your financial reporting needs to produce detailed reports for the Health Care Industry. We can provide your reporting needs for all including Federally Qualified Community Health Center's. We can produce HRSA Notice of Grant Award Reports that will show each HRSA draw down, actual expenditure for the draw down, current month and year to date, and HRSA Grant Budget to actual all in ONE Single REPORT!

  • Offer you UNLIMITED number of segments - Help you Keep track of multiple aspects through an integrated relationship-based system. For example we can set segment names for your GL, Funding Sources, Entities, Locations/Sites, Departments, Programs, Providers, along with User Defined Fields (UDF's).

  • Work closely with your Third Party Vendors by offering and Easy to use Importing and Exporting Feature - We are able to assist and work with your vendors. We understand the need to have Third Party Vendors for your overall success.
Product Resources
-Download the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Planning Checklist
-Download Affordable Care Act (ACA) Planning
-Download the MIP Fund Accounting™ Affordable Care Act (ACA) HR Functionality
-Download the MIP Fund Accounting™ Affordable Care Act (ACA) Process Checklist
-Download the MIP Fund Accounting™ brochure
-Download the Signs Your Organization has Outgrown QuickBooks
-Download the MIP Fund Accounting™ brochure for small organizations
-Download the MIP Fund Accounting™ brochure for large organizations
System Requirements

(Please refer to the Community Brands site for the most current requirements)

-Download MIP Fund Accounting Hardware Requirements
-Download MIP Mobile System Requirements.pdf

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